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10 inch chainpure Khukri (0 out of 5 based on 0 user ratings)

Last Updated : Jul 14, 2019 14:24 pm

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This kukri 1st time was made in Cheetlang, (village of eastern Nepal). So given name Cheetlange. But now a days its making in other place also eastern place in Nepal (Dharan, Dhankuta and some other place also). It is Nepali traditional kukri make by skillful craftsmanship. Polished blade, Cheetlange are typical working knives too but since they are made for display purpose and demands to be displayed to decorate a space. The shape of the knife is made very nice. The Blade is best for outdoors as well as kitchen for cutting vegetables, meat as well as cutting wood and clearing bushes. This is one of beautiful souvenir or gift items as well. It has two baby knives, (karda & chakmak) one sharpener which it used for sharping original blade & another one is used for paper cutting & letter opener etc.

Origin: Cheetlang and other eastern towns of Nepal

Materials: Blade: High grade carbon steel (leaf spring)

Handle: Rosewood, Scabbard: water buffalo leather

Size: Overall Length: 15 inch (38 Centimeter approx.)

Blade: 10 inch (25 Cm ), Handle: 5 inch (13 Cm approx.)

Maximum Blade width: 4 Centimeter (41 mm approx.)

Maximum Blade thickness: 0.9 Centimeter (9 mm approx.)

Overall Weight: 600 gram (1.32 pound approx.)

Shipping Weight: 900 gram (1.98 pound approx.)


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