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Bajeko Frozen Food

Buy Bajeko Frozen Food Online in Nepal - (13 products found)
13 Products
Asala Cut Fish Without Head 0.5Kg
NPR 385
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Bajeko Chicken Sekuwa Marinated Frozen 1 KG
NPR 899
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Bajeko Mutton Taas - Marinated Frozen 1 KG
NPR 2590
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Bajeko Mutton Sekuwa - Marinated Frozen 1 KG
NPR 2590
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Asala Fish Whole 1Kg
NPR 649
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Basa Cut Fish Without Head and Tail 1Kg
NPR 499
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Basa Fish Fillet 1 kg
NPR 569
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Chicken Breast Boneless 1 Kg
NPR 695
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Frozen Chicken Drumstick 1 kg
NPR 549
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Marinated Chicken Wings 1 Kg
NPR 599
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Duck Whole frozen
NPR 2300
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Bajeko whole Chicken
NPR 810
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Chicken kimma 1kg
NPR 700
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