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Mother's day Gift ideas 2076 ( 2019 )

Gifts    Nov 21 2019, 11:33 am

"Mother is the greatest gift for humanity", seems so stereotypical. Actually, Mother, Mom, Aama, Mua, and so on, is the blessing for any children and the ones who don't have the privilege of Mother is left out from the greatest blessing on earth. Mother's Day is an occasion celebrated to show respect, care, affection, love, and gratitude to one’s mother in Nepal. It is usually celebrated on the day of the moon also known as Matatirtha Aunshi in the month of Baisakh, the first month in the Nepali calendar. This occasion is known as 'Amako Mukh Herne Din' in Nepal which literally means 'the day ...

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Buy Baltra Products Online In Nepal(2019)

Shopping Information    Nov 21 2019, 11:36 am

Baltra has begun its journey from a small home appliance manufacturer and has quickly progressed. Baltra is the most confident brand in Nepal and its market continue to rise. is therefore very proud to offer Baltra products through our online shopping Center in Nepal. You can expect great discounts and offerings if you Shop online at which is also the Baltra's authorized online partner and distributor in Nepal.    Baltra products are highly demanded home appliances brand in Nepal due to its many features. Baltra's domestic as well as industrial products are suitable for a different use. Baltra products have been approved by ...

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Teej Gift Ideas for Wife 2018/2075 - Send Teej Gift to Nepal Online

Shopping Information    Aug 02 2018, 08:27 am

Teej 2018 or Teej 2075 is around the corner. As a women festival Teej is celebrated throughout Nepal. All the girls and woman compete for the best red colored sarees, newest mehndi designs and of course the best make up and jewelry. During the Teej celebration all the women of the Hindu religion will take part in a one day fasting, in order to wish long life and success to their husbands. Unmarried girls will fast to pray to the Hindu God Shiva so he may grant them the perfect husband. That being said, it is up to the men to provide proper gifts ...

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2018 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Gifts    Oct 31 2019, 14:08 pm

Valentine’s Day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is one of the most favored days among the adult and youngsters. The occasion is celebrated in the 14th of February. This festival is now recognized as a culture and celebration of romance in most of the regions in the world. Although the day carries the great history about the Saint Valentine of Rome’s confinement for performing weddings for soldiers, it is mostly celebrated by the adult and youth boys and girls and the married couple as well. It is said to be the most romantic time of the year. ...

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Six pack care machine Wholesale, parts and maintenance

Shopping Information    Dec 29 2016, 21:10 pm

Six pack care machine is one of the best & complete six in 1 multi functioning, quick result orienting , total core workout machine which help to tighten abdominal & waistline muscles of body part and exercises whole body part too. This is reason why, it is First choice of people  among  other gym equipment .  It is   easy and comfortable supporting stainless and stress free exercises , which has been reason for people of every age group & every profession preferring as  the First choice.In world of online Shopping, Mero Shopping is one of most reputed and recognized dealer of “Six pack care ...

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Send Teej Gifts in Nepal | Special Teej Gifts 2016 for Wife

Gifts    Aug 17 2016, 15:45 pm

Nepalese married woman always expect something special gifts from their dear husband on the occasion of teej. This is the festival in which both unmarried as well as married women observe fasting for longevity of their husband or would –be husband. Sending Teej gifts is your chance to show your love towards your wife and appreciating the sacrifice she had made to keep you happy. This year, Haritalika Teej 2016 has fallen on 19th Bhadra 2073. Given below are some of the special Teej gift 2016 ideas for wife.Fast Hair BrushPamper your wife with latest arrival fast hair brush. This is a fast heating ...

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Steps to check EPS Korea Exam 2016 Result

News    Jul 26 2016, 11:31 am

You must pass the EPS Exam which is taken by Human Resource Development Service of Korea if you want to work in Korea. Eps is the Korean language test. EPS Korea Result 2016 has been published today. EPS-TOPIK Exam was held on 4th and 5th of Asad 2073. Total of 57,129 students had participated in this exam on 2073 among which 3,517 students passed the EPS Test.3,100 Nepalese can go for work opportunity in Korea through this EPS system. Director of EPS Korea Department, Dilli Ram Bastola has stated that the Department is in process of distinguish the number of students who are eligible ...

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Download Police Report Nepal Form

News    Jul 17 2016, 11:34 am

Police Report is a document stating that the concerned person is not involved in any criminal activities. It is often known as character report or police clearance report. Police Report is a compulsory document if you are traveling to foreign countries or looking for foreign employment. A lot of Nepalese companies are also demanding police report for job vacancies these days. When you have provided all documents required to get police report, you will get police report in around 2 to 3 days. Visit Central Police Department, Rani Pokhari in between 10:00am to 2:00pm during Sunday to Thursday and in between 10:00am to 1:00pm ...

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SLC Result 2072 Facts and Figures

News    Jun 16 2016, 16:47 pm

SLC 2072/73 Result SLC 2072/73 has been published on 16th June 2016. Total 5, 88,152 students had appeared on SLC 2072/73. Out of them, 4, 37,326 students were regular while there were 1, 50,826 exempted students.Quick Facts of SLC 2072/73Regular SLC Result There were 16 students who were under age. 1733 students were absent in Theoretical Exam while 1800 students were absent in Practical Exam. Examination Copy of 188 students were cancelled while 6878 students had dropped the exam and 1 student had been withheld. There were 16 students who were under age. 1733 students were absent in Theoretical Exam while 1800 students were ...

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SLC Result 2072/73 with Grade

News    Jun 15 2016, 11:55 am

SLC Result 2072/ 2016Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) Sanothimi, Bhaktapur is all prepared to publish SLC Result 2072/73 with Mark sheet.  According to the Examinations Controller Krishna Prasad Kapri, SLC Result 2016 will be published within 17th June 2016. This is the very first time that SLC grading system in Nepal has been introduced. SLC Exam was held on 18th Chaitra of 2072.  The old percentage system has been considered outdated. It used to add so much pressure to the students that there used to be regular news of students taking their own lives due to failure in fulfilling the expectations. So, ...

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Gifts    Apr 24 2016, 15:15 pm

We learn the lesson of love and compassion from our mother. Mother’s Day is a very special day to her. We suggest some of the creative mother’s day gift ideas that will pull smile on your mom’s face. Mother means the world to us. She offers the first shoulder to cry on. She is a friend with whom we can share our feelings without any hesitation. She does so much for us and never ask for anything with us. But it does not necessarily mean that we have to take it for granted. Photo Print on MugWe take order for personalized photo mug. Photo Mug ...

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Hot Shapers Belt, Pant and Bra

Shopping Information    Apr 03 2016, 13:28 pm

Built with smart NEOTEX fibres, hot shapers is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. With this amazing weight lose product, you can now get the perfect toned body shape like that of celebrities which you have always dreamt of. Hot Shapers can be wear by both men and women. If you are wondering whether hot shapers really work, you should understand the working mechanism. Hot shapers come with two layers of neotex fabric. The inner fabric increases the core temperature of the body and thus results in increased perspiration level in comparison to perspiration that we obtain from normal cloth. The outer layer ...

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Rechargeable Fan in Nepal

The seemingly never ending load shedding has made change in consumer buying habits. People are in constant hunt for energy efficient tools. One of such electronic equipment is rechargeable fan in Nepal. These fans run in built in rechargeable battery so that they can continue to work even when there is power failure. Rechargeable fan works well with both AC Power and DC battery. Oscillating fan, table fan and stand fan with rechargeable feature is available in the market. These fans can easily run up to 8 hours in Low speed mode and up to 5 to 6 hours in low speed mode. It ...

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Constitution of Nepal 2072 English Download

News    Mar 10 2016, 11:13 am

Finally, Constitution of Nepal 2072 English download is out. Although, the politics did not go as expected and Nepal is still looking towards stability but being able to issue New Constitution of Nepal 2015 is one step forward from the status quo. This new constitution was issued on date 20th September at 6PM by former honorable President Mr. Ram Baran Yadav.The new constitution of Nepal has in total twenty seven chapters while it includes 302 Articles. Talking about some of the Nepal constitution 2072/ 2015 features, the significant change is that Nepal has now officially become the secular state. There was a big debate ...

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Buy products from Naaptol Nepal online

Shopping Information    Dec 21 2015, 13:25 pm

Buy products from Naaptol Nepal online which is the cheapest online shop. The concept of Naaptol Bazaar was conceived in India. Launched in January 2008, Naaptol India soon became India’s largest comparison based online shop. After its huge success, Naaptol Nepal came into existence which changed the online shopping experience of Nepalese.  Home products and kitchen appliances from Naaptol Nepal are mostly popular among Nepalese. Contact us for your needs of products from Naaptol Bachat Bazaar like roti maker, hair remover for ladies, electric kadai, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, rice cooker, man shaver, Flex Tracker, hair dryer and dolphin massager. Naaptol Nepal is the discount ...

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Induction Cooker Maintenance in Nepal

Shopping Information    Mar 10 2016, 11:45 am

In absence of information on induction cooker maintenance in Nepal, many Nepalese are hesitating to buy induction cooker. Also, we get lots of queries asking for induction cooker maintenance center in Kathmandu. There is not enough information on service center in internet. So, we hope this blog will address your queries in finding repair center for induction cooker.Some of the frequent queries that we receive include:Q. My Induction Cooker is not functioning well. Where can I repair induction cooker in Kathmandu, Nepal?Q. Do I need to send my induction cooker to India for repair and maintenance?Q. Can induction cooker be repaired if damaged?Q. How ...

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Induction Cooker in Nepal

Shopping Information    Mar 10 2016, 11:44 am

What is induction cooker?Unlike a gas stove or an electric heater, induction cooker uses magnetic induction to cook food. All of the heat generated from inductive heating mechanism is focused on directly heating the bottom of the utensil and no heat is lost during the process which is the reason why induction cooker cooks food in the fastest way.How does induction cooker work?In an induction cooker, the cookware and not the induction cooker is the source of heat. There is a coil of copper wire coupled with ceramic plate positioned below the cooking pot area. When the cooker is plugged in, an alternating electric ...

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Manaslu Base Camp Trek

Travel    Oct 13 2015, 11:20 am

Manaslu, hidden jewels of central Nepal was in the rain shadow of Annapurna Trekking for long time. Many travel forums had listed Manaslu Trek as a strenuous grade trek. I don’t argue cause it was difficult in past especially when camping can’t be avoided. However now entire circuit is do able depending on teahouses.   As an aftermath of development the motor able road destroys Annapurna Circuit. You might have missed Annapurna in its golden age. Don’t worry go for Manaslu. On this post you will find complete information that you need for trekking.   Getting There   Starting point of trek is accessible either by public bus or you ...

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Best Boutique in Kathmandu, Nepal

Shopping Information    Sep 09 2015, 22:41 pm

With the introduction of Fashion Designing course in Nepal, many fashion designers have started their own boutiques. We have prepared the list of best boutique in Kathmandu, Nepal for your convenience. What is a Boutique Store? A Fashion Boutique is a particular shop which deals in fashionable clothes and accessories which are custom-made for each individual. There are several types of boutiques. Some of the boutiques focus on traditional wear while some of them sell trending attire. No matter which attire you choose, you are bound to get the most presentable attire possible. Five Best Boutique in Kathmandu Imagine Boutique Founded in 2002 by fashion designers Bishnu Gautam and ...

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E Cigarette Flavors in Nepal

Shopping Information    Mar 10 2016, 11:48 am

E Cigarette Flavors in Nepal You can now buy various e cigarette flavors in Nepal. Upgrade yourself from traditional paper cigarette and vape with style. If your friend is a chain smoker, there is no other gift better than sending e cigarette flavors without nicotine. On one hand, it will prevent him/her from the harms of paper cigarette and on the other hand it prevents air pollution.Choose from following e cigarette flavors list.Red Marlboro If you are a new e cigarette smoker, you might want to try tobacco flavors like Red Marlboro. These flavors taste same to traditional Marlboro so that it will be ...

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