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Mother's day Gift ideas 2076 ( 2019 )

Published On: Nov 21, 2019 11:33am

"Mother is the greatest gift for humanity", seems so stereotypical. Actually, Mother, Mom, Aama, Mua, and so on, is the blessing for any children and the ones who don't have the privilege of Mother is left out from the greatest blessing on earth.

Mother's Day is an occasion celebrated to show respect, care, affection, love, and gratitude to one’s mother in Nepal. It is usually celebrated on the day of the moon also known as Matatirtha Aunshi in the month of Baisakh, the first month in the Nepali calendar. This occasion is known as 'Amako Mukh Herne Din' in Nepal which literally means 'the day to see the mother's face'. Mother's Day in Nepal is a special day for every person in which people usually show their love, appreciation to their mother by meeting and spending time with her by providing special gifts and sweets. However, a single day doesn't justify the greatness of Mother, Mother's Day should be celebrated every day by showering her with our love, care, and respect. Irrespective of geographical location, if you desire to make Mother's Day spectacular, you can surprise your mother from any location of the world. We facilitated you to send Mother's Day gift to Nepal from Nepal as well as abroad such as Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, and many other countries.

Mother's Day 2076

Mother's Day also known as Mata Tritha Aunshi, an auspicious occasion of the Hindu mythology. Every ethnic community celebrates this special day to pay homage to their mother for their unconditional love and support. According to Nepali calendar, this year (2076) the day coincides 12th Baisakh, 2076 B.S. (4th May 2019 AD) is a Mother's Day. In this day, people usually show their respect, care, and love in the form of gift as per her preference. Traditionally, it is celebrated simply to recognize and respect a mother sacrifices and love towards their children.
Available Products in Mero Shopping for Mother's Day Gift!
Mero Shopping acts as a medium to reach for your loved ones and bring a smile on their faces on this auspicious occasion. If you are wondering about opting an enthralling gift for your mother, Mero shopping will offer you the best solution for this special day. Pamper this mother day with unbelievable surprises gifts and lavish of love. Celebrating a Mother's Day in a different way with a different gift. Being apart from what they usually expect such as custom jewelry items, and garments, you can offer day to day basic goods, which will make them ecstatic. Mero Shopping has a wide range of thoughtful and affordable gifts from cosmetics to any kind of possessions including:
Home appliances (Magic Buller Blender, Baltra Air Fryer Fresco BAF 101, Baltra Washing machine 8.5, Baltra Ga Stove Crystal, and etc.): Providing a completely different gift for mother is a really unique way to celebrate Mother's Day. You can offer home appliances, the modern gadgets as a gift for mother, which will help the mother to move ahead in her daily domestic chores. Buy washing machine to provide complete comfort to your mother while washing garments. Magic Buller Blender and Baltra Air Fryer Fresco BAF are used to making a juice and healthy snack respectively, which will also save her time as well as is convenient in her daily work.
Organic products (Wild Wall Nuts Without Shells, Wild Cliff Honey, and so on): Concerning about maternal health is one of the best gifts in the world. So, it is the best option to offer the organic product as a gift on the auspicious occasion of Mother's Day. It might look dull as a first impression, but it is useful for the long term. Organic food products such as Wild Wall Nuts Without Shells, Wild Cliff Honey, and so on will beneficial for mother health
Showcase products (I love you Mom White Mug Custom, Mother's Day Combo (Jukerberg Café and Cup, Palpasa Café and Mug, Binod Chaudhary Aatmakatha+ Mug, China Harayako Manche and Mug and so on), and other basic goods: Usually, people provide showcase products as a gift which can be used as a decorative purpose.  Mero Shopping also offers you wide range of showcase products such as I love you Mom White Mug Custom, Mother's Day Combo (Jukerberg Café and Cup, Palpasa Café and Mug, Binod Chaudhary Aatmakatha+ Mug, China Harayako Manche and Mug and so on. These Showcase products can be customized as per our choices and kept as a memory.  
By offering these unique and special items as a gift, you'll find this day more special than ever before with special, and personalized touches you won’t find anywhere else.  

How to Order ?

Mero Shopping offers you a simple online ordering  system which makes it easy to order desired products for your mother, send a gift to Nepal and make a day notable. We deliver you parcels services within the Kathmandu Valley through our site  or directly calling us. Our ordering process is quite easy and simple. First, you have to select products that you desire to gift. After selection, you have to fill up shipping form in details, with delivering date and time. As you fill the form with details information, we will respond as promptly as possible for the confirmation. We have a different payment method for national and international customers. International customers can pay through the international visa card and master card while the national customer can pay through e-sewa, Nepal investment Bank and hand cash. Mero Shopping suggests the products from any range and priority and promises to deliver on time.  


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