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Buy Treadmills Online in Nepal - (7 products found)
7 Products
Electric and Manual Treadmill
NPR 74999
NPR 100000 25.00% Off
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KL9920 Two way Manual Treadmill
NPR 25000
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KL9919 Sixway Manual Treadmill
NPR 38000
NPR 35000
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Fit Tree 1 Way Treadmill - F5005
NPR 16500
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NPR 22500
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Electric Motorized TreadMill SP1511AM
NPR 140000
NPR 160000 12.50% Off
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F5008C 6-Way-Multi-Function-Manual-Treadmill
NPR 28500
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Buy Treadmill Online  in Nepal
Mero Shopping has initiated huge varieties of manual along with the electronic treadmill in Nepal. We care about your fitness and have offered you the best online treadmill shop in Nepal. Treadmill refers to the device that is substantially used for the fitness purpose such as walking, running or climbing staying in the same place. It is mostly used for the fitness in the indoor purpose. You don’t need to go out in the park for running and doing exercise. This treadmill provides the facilities of walking and running inside your house. The tread mills were introduced to harness the power of the animals and humans to do work before the development of the power machines. Mostly, the treadmills are operated by the humans for the exercise. In this growing economy, may be you have a busy life, and this treadmill gives you the facilities of doing alternative workout saving your time.
Manual treadmill in Nepal
We offer you the quality fitness with the manual treadmill shop in Nepal. The manual treadmill functions by the action of your feet against the deck move the belt. The belt only moves when you move your feet. These are less expensive than the motorized treadmills. This provides you all the motive power that helps to exercise your lower body. You don’t need any electricity. You don’t need to take worry about the load shedding. This treadmill is ready to provide you the fitness 24/7. Even this treadmill is safe in comparison to the motorized treadmill.
Electric/ Automatic treadmill in Nepal
The electric treadmill is also known as a motorized treadmill. If you’re looking for the motorized treadmill shop in Nepal, this is the right place for you. Motors are set in the belt in motion with the motorized treadmill. You don’t need to strain to start the treadmill as the belt is moved by the motor. You can have the adjustment of the speed and incline in the period of the workout. Due to its electrical features, this treadmill had more workout features.
Price: Manual Treadmill VS. Motorized Treadmill
The manual treadmills are cheaper in comparison to the motorized treadmill. We’ve manual treadmills of Rs. 25,000, Rs. 38,000 and so on. The motorized treadmills are of Rs. 3,25,000, Rs. 3,75,000 and so on.

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